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Welcome to the Backcountry Artist Blog

I grew up surrounded by wilderness, not knowing much about the world at large, but knowing that I loved art and the natural world. As an adult, far away from where I started, I have learned to combine my passions as an artist and a naturalist, and am constantly striving to creatively express my love of nature.

Here you'll find what I hope will inspire you to appreciate beauty of the outdoors, take an adventure, and invigorate a sense of environmental stewardship.  


Disclaimer: This blog contains affiliate links to Mountain Equipment Co-op. I worked at MEC for three years as a hiking and camping advisor and a backcountry clinic leader, and continue to collaborate with them, as I believe in their mandate, and I use them exclusively in Canada for all my outfitting needs. I get a commission if you decide to make a purchase though my links, at no cost to you. 

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